REGAL was born of a desire to combine the organic and electronic into stunning and infinitely listenable songs.

REGAL supersedes and expand upon the paradigm of ‘pop’ music.

REGAL is intently focused on the idea of creating the accessible, innovative, and inspired.

REGAL is a singularity.  A dynamic entity.  A phenomenon that must be experienced.


A perfect storm of successful solo artists and studio musicians hone a unified love of crafting infectious moments, intently focused on creating through the accessible, innovative, and inspired: REGAL is a singularity. A dynamic entity. An experience : :

REGAL’s mission is to create songs that evoke deep emotion, both from the listener and the players themselves.  Their funky yet often atmospheric arrangements, infectious beats, and captivating melodies take the listener from blissful art-rock soundscapes all the way to hard hitting Zeppelin-esque grooves.

In the winter of 2014, three of Vancouver’s finest musical sidemen came together with the aspiration of forging their own musical path.  Having been hired guns for years and becoming tired of reading from someone else’s script, brothers Mike and Dave Young (Devin Townsend Band/Project, The Matinée), joined by Mike St-Jean (also DTP) were in dire need of a creative outlet.  Sharing an interest in warm synth and programmed beats, the three quickly began churning out instrumental tracks that seemed to land somewhere between the post rock ambience of Sigur Ros and the pulsing beats of Daft Punk.

Enter solo artist Dominique Fricot.  Fricot had been collaborating with Mike Young on their respective solo careers when he proposed the idea of going in on a more extensive project together.  “I had been feeling a tad bored of not having other minds and ears to bounce ideas off of,” explains Fricot, “so I pitched the idea to Mike that we make an EP together.”  Young, who had just started working with his brother and St-Jean, suddenly saw before him the perfect storm of opportunity: the combination of Fricot’s soulful baritone and heartfelt lyrics with the sonic landscapes that he had been sculpting with his brother and St-Jean.

Over the past year, REGAL has built their repertoire in a somewhat unorthodox way.  Only sharing two months in Vancouver last year, the REGAL tracks were often crafted across countries and continents, with members recording ideas and sending them to each other to be developed and returned until the songs were fleshed out.  Their debut EP, Don’t Stop, was recorded at Vancouver’s Warehouse Studios in February and is now available.